The Five Steps

Be Safe Solutions LLC has helped organizations achieve measurable results. We tailor the order of the steps and components with each phase based on each client’s specific needs.


We create an assessment of your site; this assessment will include these elements:
Initial driver analysis
– Driver life cycle analysis of hire to retire
– Driver survey data
– Driver inclusion profile
– Safety cultural assessment

Initial management analysis
– Individual cultural competency interviews
– Performance evaluation
– Analysis in focus groups

We prepare leaders. Step 2 aims to educate and secure the level of commitment from senior leadership that will be needed to implement the type of long-term strategic plan necessary to create safety culture change.

We educate the workforce. Our team will inform the crew through training sessions to teach core concepts that create a common language. Our courses align with different talent segments in the organization.

We create internal change agents. The change agent process improves the quality of work relationships and creates an inclusive work environment for everyone.

We institutionalize accountability by providing consulting support to help establish and maintain clear expectations for accountability utilizing:

– Scorecards
– Accountability measures
– Coaching tools
– Evaluations
– Additional Consulting support available upon request