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Onsite & Remote Training

Be Safe Solutions offers the following Onsite & Remote Training

– Accident Prevention Training
– Cargo Securement Training
– Catastrophic Accident Handling Training
– Comprehensive FMCSA Portal Training
– FMCSA DataQ Training
– FMCSA Record Retention Requirements
– Hazardous Material Training
– Maintenance Record Retention Training
– Metal Coil Training

Safety Always – It begins with YOU.

Kick-off Meeting:
When our representative arrives at your work site for a scheduled visit, they will meet with your management/safety team for a kick-off meeting to review your current safety programs and incidents data & safety reports. The purpose is to understand what your organization currently has in place and where you would like to be upon completing our work.

Together you and the consultant will assess conditions in your workplace and operations you designate. They will discuss applicable compliance standards that enhance mishap prevention for employees, contractors, and clients.

Closing Conference:
The consultant and client will review the findings noted during the assessment, where improvement is needed, and what you’re doing correctly. Finally, we discuss possible recommendations, solutions, and deadlines to eliminate or control any serious hazards identified during the walkthrough.

Written Report:
The consultant will prepare and provide our client with a detailed report explaining the findings, standard references, and recommended corrective measures.