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Expert Witness Services

Knowing the right questions can make or break a court case or legal action against you or your company. Our experience in Accident Prevention, Training, Compliance, Hours of Service, Hiring Practices, Drivers Experience, Company Maintenance, Negligence Hiring, Negligent Entrustment, Negligent Retention, Negligent Supervision & Coercion allow us to know what to look for and where to look. Contact us for further information and pricing.


Transportation Expert Witness Services

– Accident Investigation.
– Accident recreation.
– Child Passenger Safety
– Defensive Driving & Traffic Safety
– Development of Written Safety Programs
– Driver Coercion regulations
– Extensive Frontline Management experience that knows how to obtain the information needed.
– Fall Prevention/Protection
– FMCSA Training requirements
– Over 30 years of FMCSA and Transportation experience while being a part of front-line management.
– Specialties include CSA Compliance and management.
– Training the Trainer
– Walk-Through Assessment