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DRIVER MEETINGS – Safety-First Topics

An essential part of introducing a new safety program is the ability to share the vision and concept with your safety managers and drivers alike, providing opportunities to introduce new ideas and invite critical feedback. Through in-person workshops and online webinars, our team will aid in developing a Safety-First Culture.

One-Hour Safety Meetings

– Classes will have rotating topics on
– Compliance
– Driver Safety
– General Safety

Optional Eight-Hour Deep Dive Safety Meetings – Include everything in the One-Hour and:

Pre-Trip-Post Trip

– Class A Non-Passenger (Cab, Engine Compartment, Outer Vehicle, Trailer and Coupling/Uncoupling)
– Class B – Non-Passenger
– Class B Passenger
– Class C – 1st mile – Last-Mile movement of FOOD – GOODS – People
– Class C – Basic all Drivers driving on company time

CSA – Compliance Safety & Accountability

– 1 Hour general review
– 1 Hour rotating section review

General Safety Safe Work Practices

– 2 Hours General Safe Work Practices Class

Safety and Compliance Training

Certified Safe Driver, Inc. offers safety and compliance education covering the following topics:

– Facility Assessment
– Garage Assessment
– Transportation Assessment
– Written Safety Plan

Coaching and Consulting

Learn how to implement system-wide changes, no matter where your company is on its diversity and inclusion journey, with customized coaching and consulting from experts in the field.

Training and Education

Equip your team with the skills to be more inclusive and manage unconscious bias in the workplace with interactive training sessions and virtual learning experiences.

Organizational Assessments

Create meaningful culture change with our assessment tools that identify your organization’s strengths in reducing inclusion barriers in the workplace.

Sustainable Culture Change

While training is essential, it’s merely insufficient to create and Sustained, meaningful cultural change by itself period to learn how one process can increase your ability to attract and retain the best and bright and create an inclusive workplace for everyone.


Prioritize inclusive behavior at your next meeting or event by booking one of our passionate and compelling experts in the field to share a relevant message tailored to your organization.

Not sure what approach will work best for your company? We’re happy to help. Schedule a complimentary 45-minute consultation call with us to discuss your specific diversity and inclusion training needs.